Friday, October 08, 2004

Doctors and Specialists...

My low opinion of my Endocrinologist was given a strange but heartening confirmation. She sent me to the Vascular diagnostic center to check for vascular disease because, of course according to her, I'm just fat and I probably have high cholesterol blocking my arteries so that my brain doesn't get enough blood and thus oxygen.

I asked the technician that did the ultrasound on my neck and head (through the eye's very strange) if I had hardening of the arteries or such constrictions, and she not only said "NO" but told me I have very clear and open arteries and veins. In other words, the rude lady endocrinologist was WRONG. That's both heartening and frightening.

It's heartening because I know that she's wrong and it's not just bad diet and that I'm not "fat" or something. She's just like the other doctors that can't see past the end of their noses and took me 11 years to convince that I actually might have a different problem. And it took a crisis that put me in the hospital to get taken seriously. I guess that's the medical version of a "clock-watcher."

It's frightening because of why I was sent to the vascular clinic. The theory that Wonder-Doctor gave me was that because I was fat, cholesterol was blocking my carotids from supplying enough blood to the brain and why I slurred my speech one day talking in the kitchen. Of course, that's been disproved now. So she's sent me to a neurologist next to make sure it wasn't a stroke or some nerve disorder. At least a full workup is being done now, and that's a blessing I suppose.

Funny I haven't heard from the Cardiologist yet. Maybe they saw the chest X-Ray that showed my heart was healthy and normal sized and laughed the request out of the office. That x-ray shows that I don't have Cardiovascular disease, or there would be scarring or the heart tissue and swelling of the heart muscle. Come on lady, even *I* know that. I wonder if she's figured out I know as much about some of these things as she does, because I took the same physiology courses she did?

I'm extremely curious to know what the blood and urine tests showed about the cortisol and other steroid levels in my blood. You'd think with a CT and an ultrasound that BOTH show an adrenal adenoma style of enlargement of the adrenal gland, she'd pay more attention to the blood tests rather than just insult my intelligence and my weight.

Incidentally, my weight is continuing to decrease. That would normally be good, but my waistline is NOT decreasing, which means the upper-body weight gain is continuing. The loss is coming from muscle mass in my legs and arms. I can sense it happening when I walk and when I work out at the gym. The weights should be getting easier to lift over time, and the distances I walk should bring less pain to my legs, not more.

Oh, you're fat and need to lose weight. Indeed.

Doctor, and I use the term loosely here, I would like to know where you obtained your medical degree. And I swear...if you tell me "a box of Shreddies" I'm gonna sue your skinny behind for all it's worth. Which isn't much, I'd bet. You're anorexic. You need to gain some weight, lady. You don't look healthy at all. ::evilly sarcastic grin::

The True Samurai has only one judge of honor, and this is himself.
Decisions you make and how these decisions are carried out are a
reflection of whom you really are.
You cannot Hide from yourself.
-The Bushido Code, Meiyo (honor)